May 10, 2024 - TIL

Ollama + Obsidian?

Last week I downloaded a few LLMs and got them to run locally on my computer with the open source Ollama app. As cool as I thought that was, today I learned there are Obsidian plugins that integrate your “second brain” with Ollama. In fact, one is even called “smart second brain”.

I installed that specific plugin today and after it indexed my Obsidian notes, I asked my AI assistant something very specific: What did I eat for breakfast?

Obviously, I know what I ate. However, I also made a note of my breakfast in my Obsidian daily note today.

Ollama integrated into Obsidian

Yup, I ate a Strawberry Frosted donut and although it took some tweaking of settings and a few attempts, my AI recalled exactly that.

This solution doesn’t yet appear to be bulletproof. However, it shows promise as a valuable, personalized use of LLMs. As I get older I remember less and less. Jotting thoughts and memories down for a machine to index and later recall them would be amazing.

So long paper towels, hello Swedish Dishcloths

My quest for more minimalism continues as I want to rid our house of paper towels. They have to be replaced, take up too much storage space, and aren’t good for the environment.

Enter Swedish Dishcloths, something I first heard about a few months ago. These small squares are made of wood pulp and cotton, capable of absorbing more liquid than you’d imagine. They also dry fast for reuse and can be washed, in either a dishwasher or a clothes washer, up to 100 times.

Swedish_Dishcloths, image courtest of TreeHugger

I dropped $13.00 for a set of 10 earlier this month and since then I haven’t touched a paper towel. Just one of these small squares is capably doing the job.

Unofficial longest ski jump is 291m

Because this wasn’t a competition and because the venue was purpose built, a 291 meter ski jump last month won’t take the world record. That’s officially and currently 253.2 meters.

It’s still no less amazing to watch, even if it’s one of those Red Bull-backed efforts. Enjoy.